A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I am Trojan Horse

A game about serious war tactics.

A Ludum Dare 32 gamejam game.


Left / Right to move.

Down to duck. (From arrows)

Space to attack the door.
Hit is indicated by the shaking castle and speech bobble.
Pay attention to how the castle and you react on the first hit you give.

You Have 3 lives. Castle has 10 lives.

If the framerate seems to be lagging try pressing Q to disable vsync.
Press F to enable / disable fullscreen.

Install instructions


--Unzip then run IamTrojanHorse.exe

Mac / Linux

--Install Löve framework for your OS from https://love2d.org/

--Double click the "IamTorjanHorse.love" file you downloaded from here.

--If you want to access the source code, rename the "IamTrojanHorse.love" to "IamTrojanHorse.zip" and unzip.


IamTrojanHorse.zip 30 MB
IamTrojanHorse.love 27 MB